A laptop is more convenient than a computer in many ways. It is lightweight, portable, and small in size which is why it can be carried anywhere. It allows performing offline operations seamlessly and shows instant results. 

Should I Buy a MacBook or a Windows Laptop?

That is the reason most people nowadays prefer laptops to manage all their office work. It is also helpful for students. They can take classes online, keep a record of assignments, and view and create presentations. Besides this, there are thousands of tasks that can be done through a laptop. 

Even if you have a low budget you do not need to worry about it. The low-cost laptops can handle regular computing and ordinary tasks. 

Buying Guide for Best Budget Laptop 2023

Here is a guide for purchasing the best budget-friendly laptop  

Decide a Decent Operating System

Choose the operating system. First, you need to decide what operating system you need. There are four main operating systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, and Chrome. Windows OS is probably the most flexible, intuitive, and simple OS. 

Windows 10 has bugs improved with a lot of new innovative features like Cortana, switchable modes, stylus compatibility, etc. So it is highly recommended. Comparatively, MAC OS is the most expensive of other operating systems. 

Size and Structure 

The next step is to decide on the structure and size of the laptop. People who travel frequently prefer small-sized laptops that can be fit into a pouch easily. 

Look for a laptop that is 13-inch to 15-inch only, not more than this. But if you are a pro gamer and purchasing a laptop for playing games then the size should not be compromised. It can vary from 16 to 18 inches. 

1366 x 768 screen resolution is ample for maximum applications. To know about the other aspects of display like contrast, color gamut, brightness, etc it is a good idea to visit a nearby computer store and examine different screens. You will be able to choose the best screen for you this way. 


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is like the heart of a computer. It addresses the user data and input, the software, and all the complex calculations.

The processors laptops are having nowadays are AMD processors, Intel Xeon, Intel 9 Chipsets, Intel 10th Gen, Intel Core i7, Intel Core M, Pentium, Intel i3, and Intel Core i5. You should have one according to the type of work you are going to perform on the laptop. 

The budget laptops mostly have AMD A6, Ryzen 3, Intel Pentium, Intel, Celeron, A9 series, and Core i3 processors. 


It has become convenient to find laptops with good battery life because of the efficient processors. Even in budget laptops 7 to 12 hours of battery per charge is so prevalent.  9 hours of battery life is ideal for the laptop. So do not spend money on more than this. 

Connectivity Options

Dual-band AC WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 both are available for wireless connectivity. Sometimes, an Ethernet port of full size is also present.  

Budget laptops hardly have a reversible USB-C port. But USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 ports are so common. Some laptops even offer 3.0/3.1 ports. 

Budget laptops also have HDMI video output. It can either be a micro HDMI or a full-size HDMI. Moreover, a micro SD card reader, webcam, basic 3.5 mm audio jack for microphones, and headphones are also included

Other Specs

Decide on other specs like RAM, SSD, Graphics chip, Blu-ray, or DVD Drive according to your requirement.

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